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December 2019 – SAP Business One Road Map

Got a few minutes? Read the full Road Map for SAP Business One. Too busy? We’ve made an executive summary as well:

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SAP & SAP Business One
SAP Business One is a centerpiece of SAP’s strategy, and therefore. SAP is fully committed to investing in SAP Business One for the next 10-20 years.

Product Strategy
SAP’s product strategy is aimed at delivering the Intelligent Enterprise.
- Business users’ experience needs to be as good as with consumer applications.
- Enable easy integrations between SAP and third-party applications, by investing in API enhancements.
- Focus on cloud
- Embed AI, machine learning, IoT, and advanced analytics technology to create business value

Recent innovations
- Numerous new functions in version 10 for SAP Business One
- Improved user-experience with the new web client based on SAP UI5
- Extension and simplification of the Integration Framework 2.0.
- iPad optimization for the Service and Sales app

Planned innovations
The goal of these innovations is optimization of the core business processes and continuous delivering of enhancements and new features, based on Customer Influence

- Webclient enhancement (e.g. available on MS SQL, Office 365 Integration and more options available for reporting and standard SAP functions)
- Applied Intelligence, such as Machine Learning en IoT
- Investment in Mobile; Service and Sales for MS SQL.
- Service layer supports MS SQL