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The Netherlands is a trading nation. With 60,000 businesses, the wholesale sector plays an important role in the economy. Although the basic principles of wholesale have changed little through the years, the sector faces a number of challenges.

The Internet offers transparency, which has brought about changes in traditional relationships within the marketplace. Buyers can consult and compare information about products, prices and suppliers online. They are free to place orders with whoever they choose. Manufacturers are establishing their own networks of dealers and outlets. Buyers at large store chains deal directly with manufacturers and order via E-commerce.

Increasing pressures on prices and margins mean that new strategies must be implemented to avoid being shut out of the chain. Aiming for operational excellence, reducing costs and safeguarding margins is a route often chosen. Another option is to add value that manufacturers are unable to offer. In both cases, automation plays an essential role. Serac offers businesses in the wholesale sector interesting opportunities to strengthen their position. Serac has been active in this sector for many years. Serac's origins can be traced to the automation of wholesale; this means that Serac has a great deal of affinity with this sector.

Specific requirements for the Wholesale sector are:

  • The ability to optimally coordinate demand from customers with delivery and production capabilities
  • Optimal logistics, including via the use of Scanning XML
  • Lower order costs thanks to EDI, online stores and PDAs
  • Increased level of service to customers and better coordination with their expectations through added value, service and fulfilment services
  • Real time information about prices, product information, instruction manuals, stock movements etc. through online store and customer portal
  • International trade with currency, import and transport costs
  • Optimal product management including product variations

SAP Business One supports all business processes for the wholesale sector. Serac makes SAP Business One even more attractive for the wholesale sector by adding scanning of data (Scanning XML), EDI, Colours and Sizes support (Fashion add-on), checkouts for over-the-counter sales (Retail XML), applications for PDAs and integration with the Magento online store (Magento connector) and with the customer portal.

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