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Buying products, placing them in store and waiting for customers to arrive is no longer good enough. Today, consumers have access to much more choice. Retail entrepreneurs must therefore be present wherever the target group goes looking for products. That means a good store location and a presence on the Internet. Consumers want to view and to order wherever and whenever suits them best.

A competitive price, added value and distinctive features must be offered both in store and online. Retailers must maintain consistent contact with their target groups in order to know which range and what sales support are necessary to ensure customer retention. In addition, the curiosity of these target groups must be stimulated in order to ensure a visit to the physical or online store.

Make no mistake about it: the complexity of sales and communication channels has increased greatly. Everyone agrees that the challenges faced by the Retail sector are considerable. One of the greatest challenges is obtaining synergy between offline and online stores. The consumer must enjoy one single seamless shopping experience.

Cross-channel selling, and most of all omni-channel selling, place high demands on business operations and on the structure of business processes. At the same time, the combination of and optimal use of these very different sales channels will not occur automatically.

Efficiency, a clear understanding of business operations and customer target groups are now more than ever important conditions for success. The total automation solutions from Serac, based on SAP Business One, Retail XML and the Magento Connector, can make a significant contribution towards making this a reality. Whether the emphasis lies on E-commerce and/or bricks-and-mortal stores, Serac offers a reliable platform that allows flexible steps to be taken towards a successful future.

Specific requirements for the Retail sector are:

  • Integrated product and stock management for physical and online stores
  • Checkout with extremely high availability such as Retail XML
  • Online store with option “Pick up in store”
  • Store locator with stock level information
  • Placing web orders in the physical store
  • Access to all customer and product information on the shop floor using the CRM function of SAP Business One
  • Support for all sales promotions
  • Support for all other services such as guarantee processing, service, etc.
  • Optimal product management, also in the case of product variations; important in the Fashion sector but also in other sectors

Retail XML is the ideal solution for stores or store chains. All store transactions are processed directly in SAP Business One. The checkout functions are very comprehensive and are always available. All your stores can communicate safely and cost-effectively via the Internet. Integration with the Magento online store supports your Internet sales.