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Serac has developed the Fashion Add-on especially for businesses offering products in different versions. Product variations such as colour, size and model are most commonly associated with the Fashion sector. However, there are many other businesses outside this sector with similar characteristics. For all these companies, a tool that allows product variations to be managed simply is important in implementing a successful product and stock policy. This tool is also indispensable for presenting these products in an online store. Product variations can be created easily in SAP Business One with seamlessly integrated presentation in the Magento online store.

The Fashion sector includes both Wholesale and Retail. All products that Serac has specifically developed for these sectors are applicable in support of the Fashion (Colours and Sizes) solution.

The Fashion sector has many faces and is incredibly dynamic. Fashion and fashion accessory companies form an unbelievably fast, trend sensitive sector with much competition. These companies fight hard for customers' favour. All products bought in must be sold on time in order to ensure a good profit margin.

Attractive, regularly changing collections must be made available for sale quickly and cost efficiently in stores or online. This must occur in a customer friendly manner and at the right price so that the buyer feels like a king and becomes a customer. In order to achieve this, supply, storage, distribution to points of sale, the range available in the online store and delivery to customers' homes must be optimally coordinated. This must be a streamlined process. And this can only occur through complete automation. This is more efficient and saves time and money. It also means that it is possible to maintain a good overview of what is going on in the dynamic fashion environment. Having access to the right information means that it is possible to make the right decisions at the right moment. The offer can be better tailored to the demands of the market. And that is the best way of earning money.

Serac offers a platform capable of facilitating the successful coordination of purchasing, stocks and sales. It supports the unambiguous execution of daily tasks.

Special requirements for the Fashion sector are:

  • Simple management of product variations
  • Integration of product variations in all systems (online store, checkout, etc.)