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It's now hard to imagine a world without E-commerce; in recent years it has really taken off. For more and more companies, E-commerce forms a central part of their business strategy. These companies have chosen for the benefits of E-commerce. It is possible to reach a much broader public via the Internet. E-commerce can be divided into Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) selling.

In the case of B2C, buyers are generally unknown to the seller. The emphasis lies primarily on marketing and seducing consumers. With B2B E-commerce, the buyer and seller generally know each other already. It is possible to offer business customers an environment tailored to their specific situation, for example through the use of authorisations, prices and price agreements.

Serac has invested many man-years in the integration of SAP Business One and Magento, the leader in open source E-commerce solutions. The Magento Connector provides a link between Magento and SAP Business One, which allows full control of your online store from within SAP Business One. Magento provides all the functions necessary for selling online. This is just one element of E-commerce. Customers also want access to more information, and want to manage more processes online. Serac has a customer portal that can be deployed in combination with Magento for this purpose.

The greatest E-commerce success stories involve companies that also possess bricks-and-mortar stores, showrooms and/or another physical point of sale. As SAP Business One supports all these sales channels, full integration is guaranteed. All data related to customers, products, stocks, prices and price agreements is stored exclusively in the SAP Business One database.

Specific requirements for E-commerce are:

  • An online store with extensive features for B2C and B2B
  • Reliable financial and logistical support
  • Integration of all sales channels

Serac supplies E-commerce solutions using Magento, Retail XML and SAP Business One to both the Wholesale and Retail sectors.