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Business services

The business services sector has many faces: engineers, accountants, ICT service providers, lawyers, knowledge institutes and technology services providers. With around 200,000 companies, the business services sector is one of the most important in the Netherlands. Services in the form of advice, maintenance and guarantee processing are more and more important in Retail and Wholesale as a means of creating a unique profile in the market.

The specific requirements of the business services sector include:

  • Flexibility in contracts and rates
  • Direct access to hours spent and, where applicable, materials used
  • Measurement of staff performance
  • Financial overviews

With Time & Material, Serac provides a solution allowing service providers to keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening. Registration and declaration of projects is possible, including projects with complex price agreements and complex approvals. Real time overviews of hours spent and materials used are also available. Contract agreements and rates can be clearly defined. SAP Business One provides you with a financial overview.