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Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud service is our most extensive offering. For a fixed monthly price you rent a connection to our computer centre; the number of workstations is irrelevant. Serac makes any necessary investments and pays for all necessary technology. Many of our customers have already made use of our Private Cloud for several years. Serac maintains more than 1,000 workstations on a daily basis.

We provide these services on the basis of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This guarantees matters such as availability, performance, offsite failover and maintenance. As we continuously ensure the correct operation of the systems, the problem-free operation of your SAP Business One environment is guaranteed at all times. The emphasis lies with your environment. The Cloud is Private, which means that the environment is set up specifically and exclusively for your company.  Management of the Private Cloud is on the basis of fixed management costs.

All our Private Cloud customers have one thing in common: they can concentrate on the real work without disturbance. Your accountant will also be happy, since the management of your data is carried out in accordance with ISAE 3000/NV COS 3000 norms. An annual declaration is made in this respect.