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Amac is a fast-growing Apple Premium Reseller with more than 45 stores across the Netherlands. The company sells Apple products and accessories for these products. On a busy day, around 7,000 transactions with 18,000 lines are sold via Retail XML and processed in the SAP Business One database. Serac has supported Amac with IT issues during takeovers and in opening new stores. Since 2010, Serac has managed Amac's Private Cloud, which includes B2C, B2B and B2E Magento online stores, the complete management of ICT and a scanning solution for warehouse management. For Amac as a reseller, The XML/EDI link with suppliers on the basis of serial numbers is very important for the purchasing process and after sales.

Functions and characteristics of Amac

  • Management of master data (customer loyalty cards, products, suppliers, etc.) in SAP Business One through complete integration with additional Serac products.
  • Private Cloud for SAP Business One, Retail XML, Scanning XML, Magento Connector, AutoDoc SAP/HSE, Time & Material add-on, Fashion add-on, Crystal Reports and XML Webserver hosted by Serac.
  • Link with various suppliers such as Apple and Five4U for the purchasing process and after sales.
  • Serial number registration in Retail XML with complete serial number history (reception, sale, return, etc.) in SAP Business One.
  • Scanning XML for goods reception, inventory and stock movements in stores and the central warehouse.
  • The Magento Connector for separate Magento online stores for B2C, B2B and B2E.
  • Ability to order in the Magento online store and pick up in physical stores.
  • Real time stock availability shown in the Magento online store.
  • Time & Material for planning and registration of installation jobs.
  • Registration of back orders with payment of deposit at the checkout possible with Retail XML.
  • Branch stocking for optimal stock distribution between stores.
  • Real time reports available on iPhone/iPad with Crystal Reports.