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B2B Portal

The B2B Portal for SAP Business One is the ideal solution for the B2B market. The B2B Portal provides customers, suppliers and employees with access to specific (client)information in an integrated and customized way. Through a user-friendly interface and a real-time connection with SAP Business One, the Portal provides the user with access to contacts, addresses, orders, budgets, invoices, reports and approval processes. The functionality of the SAP Business One Portal can be completely adjusted as required according to the role of the user by extensive authorization roles.
The Portal can also (optionally) be used for internal approval processes of, for example, purchase invoices

Functions and features

  • The B2B Portal receives real time data from SAP Business One and vice versa
  • B2B pricing is taken directly from SAP Business One
  • Simplify the order process for customers through the use of shopping lists
  • Orders / invoices / payments are automatically entered into SAP
  • The display of status reports such as order history, current orders + order status, invoice history, outstanding items and items order history.
  • Setting up approval processes based on budget and credit limits
  • The setting up of various authorization levels for each user and / or roll.
  • Various management reports are available on the Portal and created on demand by Crystal Reports in PDF or Excel format
  • Full integration with the Magento Webshop