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November 2019 – Omnichannel on an iPad

Busy times are ahead for our (retail) customers. During peak hours it really helps them customers to be able to easily extend their in-store checkout possibilities. To provide some aid in this matter we have optimized the retail application from our omnichannel solution for the iPad.

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With this new version of Retail XML our customers can easily add additional checkouts during peak hours by simply opening a link on their iPad. We are proud of the result of our efforts from the last months and are happy with the first positive results from our customers. Since we aim to provide a full omnichannel solution we have a long list of functions within our retail application. We are happy to announce that this full list of functions is available within the touch version of the application. The current version of this product has succesfully gone through our testing cycle and we can now start with installing it in the production environments of our customers.