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Electronic Invoice Processing

Are you getting tired of stamping, entering and forwarding invoices or are you sometimes even losing incoming invoices between all your paperwork? And do you think the manual handling of Invoices should belong to the past? Thanks to ImageCapture for Business One this is possible. A joint effort of Scan Sys and Serac delivered the integration of ImageCapture and Business One, which results in a more efficient process and the possibility to work with a fully digitalized approval flow for your incoming invoices. The combination of ImageCapture and Business One will improve the speed of your incoming invoice flow and will prevent you from ever losing an invoice again.

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ImageCapture Fully Integrated with Business One

ImageCapture for Business One is an intelligent and user-friendly scan and recognition software that allows you to easily digitally enter, archive and process invoices, packing slips, order confirmations and project documents in SAP Business One. ImageCapture seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, so master data from SAP Business One is real-time available in ImageCapture. This enables you to directly match incoming invoices to Purchase orders or Goods Receipt documents in SAP Business One.

An e-mail will inform your budget holder automatically about newly received invoices, which will then directly be available in SAP business One. After pushing the invoice through, the invoice will appear in SAP Business One and will show on the General Ledger and as amount due in the ageing report. The integration of ImageCapture and Business One shows another advantage in this stage, as the integration creates the invoice in SAP Business One according to you standard rules. This results in a financial booking which will follow all the rules you defined in SAP Business One. 

ImageCapture for Business One supports the SAP Business One Options as standard:

  • Serial and batch number registration
  • Projects and Profit and Cost center definitions
  • Discounts on both document and row level
  • VAT Codes
  • Salesperson allocations

Functionalities and characteristics of ImageCapture

Incoming Invoices and attachments
ImageCapture is capable of scanning incoming invoices and automatically recognizes relevant information. This will create a booking proposal which can be enriched with additional data you can find yourself. When the documents are generated in SAP, ImageCapture directly attaches the original received document, so that you can always consult the documents origin.

Incoming Invoices and approval flows
As approval flows depend on 1 or more persons, this is always a time consuming part of incoming invoices. With the electronic approval flow in the workflow module of SAP Business One or the approval flow of ImageCapture you don’t have to walk three times across the building, or wait weeks for someone to return to the office. The Approval flow of both can be executed from anywhere you can get into the system. The flow can be monitored and is logged, and therefore you will always be able to track down the status and the history of the approval flow. 

Service Invoices and automated processing
ImageCapture has the option to setup an invoice class to fully automate or semi-automate the processing of service invoices. The service invoices will be scanned, and with the retrieved information the creditor information will be found from the master data in SAP. When choosing for Semi-automated, ImageCapture will create a booking proposal based on the Business Partner Master Data. When choosing fully automated, ImageCapture will automatically book the invoice based on rules you set.

Working with Document Class

  • Scanning documents with separate scanner or copier with scan to file option
  • Automated Image Enhancement
  • Electronic Stamp of ‘Receive Date’
  • Extensive recognition right down to line level
  • Link scanned documents directly to base documents
  • Approval flows managed by workflow application
  • Creating for various documents possible

Working with Invoice Class

  • Automatically creating booking proposal for service invoices
  • Automatically validate Incoming Item Invoices according to base documents
  • Monitoring all Mutations on being created correctly
  • Direct check on double bookings or copy invoices

Incoming Item Invoices and automated processing
Incoming Item Invoices will be held against already existing documents in SAP. Based on the information from the scanned invoice, ImageCapture will check whether the invoice corresponds to the other purchasing documents and when correct, it will directly link the invoice to the purchasing documents already in SAP Business One. 

The combination of ImageCapture and Business One will result in a faster throughput and processing of invoices, will eliminate the need of your paper archive, and will prevent you from ever losing an invoice again.