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JIRA Timesheet add-on


The JIRA Timesheet add-on combines the power of SAP Business One (SAP B1) with the world’s leading issue tracking and project management tool. The JIRA Timesheet add-on for SAP Business One Integrates the Project Management Module from SAP Business One with timesheets in JIRA (Tempo Timesheet app)

Functions and characteristics

  • In JIRA, issues can easily be linked to specific projects which are taken from SAP Business One via a real-time connection.
  • Timesheets from JIRA are imported in SAP Business One.
  • A wizard in SAP Business One is used to create sales orders based on (billable) hours from timesheets; these sales orders are linked to their respective projects.
  • Invoicing of these sales orders then follows the same O2C process as standard sales orders.