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Keyser & Mackay


Keyser & Mackay is an international wholesaler in chemical feedstocks and related apparatus. The company acts as an intermediary between suppliers of chemical feedstocks and customers such as factories that process these chemicals. Keyser & Mackay represents more than 100 suppliers and serves thousands of customers. The company has operations in seven countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Poland. Serac has implemented SAP Business One for all these countries, the most recent of which was Spain in 2013. The branches are linked to each other via the purchasing and sale of products between branches. This means that Keyser & Mackay makes use of an extensive network. Serac supports Keyser & Mackay in maintaining this network through the implementation of SAP Business One, the XML Webserver and the specially developed Keyser & Mackay add-on.

Functions and characteristics of Keyser & Mackay

  • International rollout of SAP Business One in seven European countries.
  • XML message traffic between installations in different countries, which allows sales documents to be produced automatically in the SAP Business One installations.
  • The tailor-made Keyser & Mackay add-on supports invoicing and ordering between branches and central product and stock management for all branches.
  • Drop shipments are possible via SAP Business One.
  • Printing of SSCC labels from SAP Business One via Crystal Reports.
  • Maintenance of server environment by Serac.
  • Extensive financial reports in Crystal Reports.