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Mauritz was founded in 1906 as a tree nursery. Since then the company has grown to become a total supplier of work clothing, (safety) shoes, horticultural and forestry equipment and tree nursery products. Mauritz supplies both well-known brands and its own brands Amazone and Amazone TopDress to organisations such as municipalities. Customers can manage their own contact persons and order lists in the Customer portal, which is integrated with the Magento online store. Mauritz also has a showroom for the collection and ordering of products. The Fashion add-on allows simple management of products offered in different colours and sizes in SAP Business One and in the Magento online store. Mauritz has been a Serac customer since 2012. In 2013 Serac carried out the reimplementation of SAP Business One 9.0, which involved upgrading the SAP Business One software and the reconfiguration of the database with the help of the Fashion add-on.

Functions and characteristics of Mauritz

  • Management of master data (customers, products, suppliers, etc.) only necessary in the SAP Business One database thanks to complete integration with additional Serac products.
  • Hosting of the website and online store by Serac.
  • Optimal product management including different sizes and colours with the Fashion add-on.
  • Ability for customers to view details such as order lists, budgets and order history in the Customer portal. These are fetched from SAP Business One in real time.
  • Complete management of order and preference lists from SAP Business One and the Customer portal.
  • Preference lists and authorisations for each purchaser (contact person) possible in the Customer portal.
  • The complete ordering process in the online store is guided by a wizard in order to minimise erroneous orders.
  • Addition of logos to clothing in various locations possible.
  • Use of budgets in the online store by means of a points system.
  • Digital invoicing of customers via AutoDoc SAP/HSE.