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Serax is an international wholesaler based in Kontich, Belgium. Serax was founded in 1987 and began by selling a range of flowerpots. Since then the company has grown to become a trendsetter in decorative items, and today offers a range of more than 4,000 interior objects. Every year Serax takes part in multiple trade fairs in various countries. They are represented at fairs in Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Stockholm. Serax has been a Serac customer since 2011. In that year Serac carried out the reimplementation of SAP Business One, which allowed the financial and logistical process to be more efficiently organised. Since January 2012 Serac has also provided a Private Cloud for Serax, which includes international online stores, all ICT management and a scanning solution for trade fairs.

Functions and characteristics of Serax

  • Management of master data (customers, products, prices, etc.) in the central SAP Business One database thanks to complete integration with additional Serac products.
  • Private Cloud for SAP Business One, Scanning XML and the Magento Connector.
  • ICT management of workspaces in the office and showroom by Serac.
  • Serac provides the complete IT infrastructure at trade fairs including Wi-Fi stations, iPads and iPods running SAP Business One, Scanning XML and the Catalogue app.
  • Scanning XML allows orders and quotes to be taken down and customers registered on location, for example at a trade fair or in the showroom.
  • Sales documents are sent to customers digitally using AutoDoc SAP/HSE.
  • The inventory of the entire collection is processed immediately in SAP Business One via integration with Scanning XML.
  • All online stores (NL, EN, FR, IT) are run from within one SAP Business One database using the Magento Connector.
  • Various currencies are supported in the online stores and in SAP Business One.
  • Catalogue app on the iPad on the basis of online store data for online and offline sales by sales representatives on the road or at trade fairs.