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Van Leeuwen Buizen Groep


The Van Leeuwen Buizen Groep is a trading company operating worldwide specialising in steel pipes and pipe applications. Van Leeuwen Buizen was founded in 1924 in Zwijndrecht. The company supplies industrial markets and energy-related markets, and in addition to supplying materials also offers a range of services such as sawing, abrasive blasting, priming and laser cutting, as well as logistical and digital services. The company has operations in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and North and South America and makes use of a worldwide purchasing network. Serac has supported Van Leeuwen Buizen Groep since 2006 in the implementation of SAP Business One in various countries. Serac has also, in collaboration with the IT department of Van Leeuwen Groep, developed the Van Leeuwen Buizen add-on. This can be adapted for each country to suit local needs by using parameters.

Functions and characteristics of Van Leeuwen Buizen Groep

  • Extensive add-on that has been deployed in more than 15 countries worldwide.
  • The add-on sawing module registers waste pieces and products that have been registered as complete.
  • Stock is registered in batches, which are traceable in SAP Business One.
  • Central product management is possible via the link between SAP Business One installations.
  • Linking of material certificates in SAP Business One.
  • Registration of consigned stocks in SAP Business One.
  • Cross-docking and drop shipment process set up in SAP Business One.
  • Comprehensive management reports available via Crystal Reports.
  • Processing of materials possible in the add-on.