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Since 2003 Serac has specialised in the development of add-ons for SAP Business One. All our SAP Business One developments are implemented using the SDK toolset from SAP, .Net and Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Our developers are certified by SAP. Our knowledge and experience in this area are well-known: throughout recent years, Serac developers have been present in the top 20 of the world rankings for the SAP technical forum. The Serac development department builds and maintains standard Serac add-on products, carries out Dutch localisation commissions for SAP Netherlands and develops bespoke solutions for customers.

Development commissions are carried out on a project basis in accordance with fixed procedures and standards, with costs always being made known beforehand and delivery being carried out in accordance with agreed schedules. As we develop using the SDK toolset, no changes are made to the software code of SAP Business One. As such, new SAP releases can always be deployed easily.